Tidbit Treats

We were invited to a snack-o-licious New Year's Eve party and I brought these Tidbit Treats for my sharable snackie.

Ingredients: 1 package of Little Smokies, I can of pineapple (reserve the juice) and half a cup of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

Begin by slicing each Little Smokie in half. Slicing these in half allows you to make 80 bite sized treats.

Next, open your can of pineapple, make sure to set aside about 1/2 a cup of the juice. (Swig the rest if you'd like!)

I normally slice 3-4 rings at a time, making 10 sections per ring. Cans of pineapple typically contain 10 rings- so a) you can nibble a couple of rings if you are hungry, or b) you will have extras in case you have a slicing malfunction!

First add a piece of pineapple to a toothpick- wider side towards the top. Then add half of a Little Smokie to cover the tip of the toothpick. SO CUTE!

Keep up the great work with the rest of the pineapples and Smokies...

Then layer the Tidbit Treats into a small crock pot (mine is a 1.6 quart). I needed to make double- decker layers in my little crock pot.

Lastly, add 1/2 a cup of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and 1/2 a cup of the pineapple juice and turn the crock pot on low. Allow the Smokies to warm and then serve!

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