"Homemade" Salad Dressing Tutorial

We eat a lot of salad in our house! I LOVE salad, in fact I am know for making some of the yummiest salads on earth (I am not know for my humility huh?).

Since we practically drink salad dressing in our house, I like to make my own. My favorite seasoning packet is made by Good Seasons. I have tried using the store brand equivalent- which is still really yummy- but I have found that I can have the REAL THING if I get creative.

Last summer I popped into GFS (Gordon Food Service) to make a purchase and I found my favorite seasoning packet super sized!
In fact, this packet makes 16 bottles of salad dressing for $5.29.
Small $1.49/bottle & Big $.33/bottle.
I keep my seasoning mix in a plastic storage container in the pantry until I need it.

Making homemade salad dressing is easy, super inexpensive, yummy and can be made healthier than purchased dressing. Here are all of the ingredients that I use: seasoning mix, red wine vinegar (you could sub balsamic if you'd prefer), vegetable oil and water.

I have purchased several Good Seasonings cruet's (salad dressing holders) they come in a box with two seasoning packets, and they usually sell for $2.59- which I think is funny because 2 small packets of seasonings alone should cost about $3.

Here are the simple steps in making your own dressing:

Fill the cruet up to the "V" line with vinegar- full price, this should cost about $.25.

Next, add water up to the "W" line... $0.

A heaping spoonful of seasoning mix is about 1/16 of the big packet, $.33.

The directions say to add oil to the "O" line, but I add half the amount of oil, making the dressing lighter and yet still very yummy! $.10.

Lastly, I add more water all of the way to the top of the cruet. The directions do NOT say to do this, but it is just another way for the dressing to be healthier- I like a LOT of dressing!!!

Mmmmmmmmmmm, delicious! And only $.68!!!

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  1. Laura,

    Can you measure those oil and vinegar amounts fo those of us without a cruet?