Red Beans & Rice

Red Beans & Rice is an easy and inexpensive meal that is surprisingly yummy and quick to make. (Thanks Beth for this recipe!)

The ingredients are simple and easy to find:
1 can of kidney beans, drained
1 large can of seasoned diced tomatoes
1/8 C. bacon crumbles
2 boil in the bag rice packets (1/2 box)
1 pkg kielbasa (I used turkey kielbasa)

While my rice was boiling, I placed my beans, tomatoes and bacon on medium heat.

Then I sliced and quartered the kielbasa, and added it to the mix.

I raised the cooking temperature a bit and allowed the kielbasa to heat thoroughly while everything bubbled together at a slow boil.

Finally, I added the rice. Honestly, this dish may not be pretty to look at, but it is yummy!

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